We’re Back




I want to thank you for giving my son something that he truly needed in Teva. If the measurement of ones adventures in life is the impact it has upon them, then the Teva adventure has gone far beyond its goal!

—Teva parent

Teva works to fundamentally transform Jewish education through experiential learning that fosters Jewish, ecological, and food sustainability.

Teva was founded in 1994 with the philosophy of immersing participants in the natural world and providing structured activities to sensitize participants to nature’s rhythms, help them develop a more meaningful relationship with nature, and deepen their own connection to Jewish practices and traditions. This process also facilitates personal growth, community building, and a genuine commitment to Tikkun Olam, healing the world. A decade later, Teva’s focus expanded to include additional attention to issues of food sustainability as an aspect of the natural world.

Teva programs are designed for children ages 2 – 17 years old and educators of children. Over the last twenty years, Teva has worked with over 450-day schools, congregations, camps, JCCs, BJEs, youth groups, and other Jewish institutions. The more than 100,000 individuals who have benefited from our direct programs cover the spectrum of religious affiliation and age. Over 250 young adults from the core of our Teva educators and over 500 community educators have sought out our professional development opportunities. Our Teva educators have been inspired by their experience living and teaching in the community to start 14 initiatives that are making a real impact on the Jewish community.

Participating Day Schools

Abraham Joshua Heschel School
Barrack Hebrew Academy
Beit Rabban
Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District
Bnai Shalom Day School
Carmel Academy
Cohen Hillel Academy
Epstein Academy
Ezra Academy
Gerrard Berman Day School
Golda Och Academy
Gottesman RTW Academy
Hannah Senesh Community School
Heritage Academy
JCDS Boston
JCDS Rhode Island
Kellman Brown Academy
Lander-Grinspoon Academy
Maimonides School
Metro West Jewish Day School
NE Miles Day School
Schechter School of Long Island
Solomon Schechter Academy of New London
Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan
Solomon Schechter School of Queens
Solomon Shechter School of Westchester
SSDS of Greater Hartford
SSDS of Greater Monmouth County
Striar Hebrew Academy (SHAS)
The Brandeis School

Thank you so much for providing the Golda Och Academy 6th grade students with an enriching, engaging, and exploratory environmental learning curriculum. I, along with the students and chaperones, truly enjoyed our stay at Teva. We all learned so much! The students continuously sing the songs you taught them in the hallways and lunchroom and have tried to limit their psolet during lunch. They have truly taken what you have taught them and are applying it to their lives.

—Day School Administrator