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The Teva Learning Center's Bring it Back to Our School (BBTOS) program is designed to foster further opportunities for teachers and students to explore the themes we teach at Teva. While the four days at the Teva Learning Center have a profound effect on everyone involved, we recognize the potential for an even deeper impact through follow-up programming in the classroom and through special programs and school visits by the Teva staff.

The core component to the Bring it Back to Our School program is to initiate a project that you and your students will implement back at school. On their last day at Teva, students are asked to sit as a class and plan an activity to help make their school more environmentally aware or friendly. This ensures that you and your students have an opportunity to continue the Teva experience, as well as to learn about environmental responsibility.

These projects have included school-wide recycling programs, eco-fairs, and energy use reduction campaigns. Check out our list of potential and successful BBTOS projects.

Once you leave Teva, we provide continuous consultations through email, phone calls and the online Teacher Resource Center.

The final component of the Bring it Back to Our School program is school visits. These visits are sometimes simple recognition of a job well done, with songs and updates from the students, and other times are more extensive projects in which the Teva staff will work closely with students and teachers on a project of their choice. In the past, these larger school visits have involved helping in the construction of a nature trail and outdoor classroom, and conducting a school-wide energy audit. Click here for a list of possible school visit programs.

Click here for the 2002-2004 Bringing it Back To Our Schools program report.

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