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Looking to learn more even after Teva? Check out these Jewish Environmental links from our partners and friends.

If you're a kid or an adult looking for more kid-friendly ideas, don’t miss our Just for Kids section!
  • The Adva Network
    The Adva Network represents the fusion of alumni from the Teva Learning Center and Adamah: The Jewish Environmental Fellowship, innovative programs that produce future Jewish environmental leaders. The network provides alumni of the Teva Learning Center and Adamah Fellowship with support, direction, and the skills to be communal leaders and activists.
  • Adam Va-Adamah Environmental Society
    Adam va-Adamah ("Humans and the Earth") is a regional affiliate of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), dedicated to educating British Columbians about Judaism's deeply-rooted environmental values. They have a lot of great links for Jewish and Canadian resources related to environmental issues and activism.
  • Big Green Jewish
    The Big Green Jewish Website is a resource for people around the world and for the UK Jewish Community. It is an on-line meeting point between Jewish and environmental ethics. It seeks to educate about climate change and aims to inspire you to make a difference.
  • Canfei Nesharim
    Connecting traditional Torah texts with contemporary scientific findings, Canfei Nesharim educates and empowers Jewish people to take an active role in protecting the environment. Their website provides valuable resources including holiday programs and a weekly teaching about the environment based on each week’s Torah portion.

  • Coalition on Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL)
    The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life provides a distinctively Jewish programmatic and policy response to the environmental crisis. Browse through the program bank and see the range of curricular materials, programmatic resources, sermon ideas, and action initiatives that have been implemented by leading Jewish environmental activists and educators around the world.
  • Eden Village Camp
    A unique sleepaway camp inspired by Teva! Eden Village Camp is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit Jewish environmental sleepaway camp, located 50 miles north of Manhattan on 248 beautiful acres. The 3rd-12th-grade campers & apprentices build leadership, outdoor skills, & positive Jewish identity. A close, inclusive Jewish community develops through shared experience including organic farming and outdoor adventure activities.
  • Hazon
    Hazon is America's largest Jewish environmental organization. Their mission is to create healthy and sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. Hazon programming offers transformative experiences and leadership opportunities to support their work, including Jewish environmental bike rides in NY, CA, and Israel.
  • Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
    The Isabella Freedman Center is the fall home of Teva! Located in Falls Village, CT aims to build spiritually vibrant, socially progressive Jewish community. They provide retreat experiences that inspire a love of Jewish learning, strengthen the bonds of community, and cultivate leadership and responsibility. The Center is home to a number of other fantastic programs, including:
    • Adamah: The Jewish Environmental Fellowship is a three-month leadership training program for Jewish young adults in their 20s that integrates organic farming, sustainable living, Jewish learning, community building and contemplative spiritual practice.
    • Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality, which offers transformational and cutting-edge retreat experiences to explore Jewish wisdom and our evolving traditions.
    • The Jewish Greening Fellowship aims to reduce the carbon footprints of its participating network agencies and place the environment high on the agenda of every agency that participates. With the support of UJA-Federation of New York, the Fellowship provides intensive training and ongoing support over the course of 18 months to a cohort of fellows from our partner organizations.
  • Jewish Farm School
    The Jewish Farm School is an educational organization comprised of farmers, builders, writers and educators. Their core mission is to practice and promote sustainable agriculture in order to cultivate just food systems rooted in sustainability, responsibility, and Jewish traditions.
  • Jewish National Fund
    Over the past 107 years, JNF has evolved into a global environmental leader by planting 240 million trees, building over 200 reservoirs and dams, developing over 250,000 acres of land, creating more than 1,000 parks, providing the infrastructure for over 1,000 communities, bringing life to the Negev Desert and educating students around the world about Israel and the environment.
  • Kayam Farm at Pearlstone
    Kayam Farm at Pearlstone works to embody and inspire social and ecological responsibility through hands-on Jewish agricultural education. Located in Reisterstown, MD, Kayam Farm welcomes close to 3,000 participants to the farm each year for field trips, volunteering, summer camp, holiday celebrations, skills workshops, and more.
  • Shalom Nature Center
    The Shalom Nature Center has been created to raise awareness in the Jewish Community about our responsibility to work and protect God's Creation. Their main goal is to turn the outdoors into a vibrant Jewish learning classroom. They provide environmental- and adventure-focused camp programs and retreats in the scenic Malibu Mountains, 45 minutes from Los Angeles.
  • The Shalom Center
    The Shalom Center is dedicated to inspiring the Jewish community to greater attention and action on questions of peace and justice for the planet and all who dwell on it. Don’t miss the wonderful words of Torah commentary and their articles specifically related to environmental issues and our relationship to the planet.
  • Torat HaTeva: The Jewish Nature Centre of Canada
    Through fun and multi-sensory learning Torat HaTeva provides vibrant and meaningful Jewish educational experiences that promote ecological awareness, build community ties, encourage action towards global responsibility and stewardship. Recent projects include a “Green Clean” campaign and the establishment of the Kavanah Organic Community Teaching Garden which hosts school and educational programs.
  • WeRepair.org
    Repair the World works to inspire American Jews and their communities to give their time and effort to serve those in need. A great source of facts is their issues page with information about pressing social action concerns, including the environment and disaster relief.
  • Wilderness Torah
    Wilderness Torah revitalizes Jewish life by reconnecting Jewish traditions to the cycles of nature. They facilitate individual spiritual growth, strengthen multi-generational community, and connect people to nature through land-based festivals, rites of passage, and sustainable life skills education.

    Israeli Programs - Check out environmental activities in Eretz Yisrael (Israel)!

  • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
    The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES) is a regional center for environmental leadership and the premier institute for environmental research and learning in the Middle East. Check out their site for more information on learning programs at the Arava Institute or to learn more about their cutting-edge research in sustainable agriculture and development.
  • Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership
    The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership is a non-profit organization headquartered in Tel-Aviv, which brings together people and ideas to develop and implement a new environmental vision for Israeli society. It is dedicated to building a sustainable future for Israeli society - environmentally, socially and economically - through education, community service, and reflective activism.
  • Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)
    Everywhere there is an environmental problem, nature worth cherishing and defending, or an Israeli citizen looking for environmental education, SPNI is there. They work towards one inspiring goal: Keeping the Promise of the Promised Land. Teva works closely with SPNI on the Kesher Yarok project.
  • Teva Ivri
    Teva Ivri is a non-profit organization promoting Jewish environmental responsibility. Their goal is to expand the identities of Jews living in Israel to include an obligation to sustainable living. Teva Ivri aims to turn the environmental and social values rooted in the Jewish tradition into the foundation and building blocks of Israeli culture and society.

Just For Kids

Defenders of Wildlife- Kid's Planet
This site contains many fun and interactive games for younger students. Resources include teacher information, facts on many endangered species and ecology, and information on adopting a species.

Environmental Protection Agency: Kid's Club
The EPA Environmental Kids Club is a great resource, with links geared towards school-age children and teens. It aims to help children explore the environment and learn how to protect it. There are loads of great games, pictures, and stories, including the pages for art projects and teacher tips. Also, don’t miss the special page for kids on climate change to learn about global warming and making a difference in our climate.

Jewish National Fund: YourPage.org
The JNF has been supporting Israel’s environmental causes for over 100 years and this webpage is all about continuing their education efforts. From Torah tales about nature to puzzles, games, and delicious recipes, this site is a fabulous source for teachers and students to find new and exciting ways to bring environmental education and Jewish ideas together. There are also great ideas for mitzvah projects and getting involved with JNF projects.

Rainforest Action Center' Kid's Corner
This one is a kid-friendly site from the Rainforest Action Center, with resources for students and teachers. You can learn what kids to can to help save the rainforests and the amazing creatures that live there. There are some great tools you can find to become an activist for the rainforest and make a difference.

Recycle-a-Bicycle is an innovative, fun youth training and environmental education initiative that has taken root in New York City public schools and respected after-school youth programs. With locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Recycle-A-Bicycle promotes everyday bicycle use.

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