Teva Learning Alliance is made up of educators and leaders at camps, farms, day schools, and congregations across the United States, Canada and Israel. Inspired by their experiences working with Teva, these leaders have taken the mentorship and training they have received and sowed the resultant seeds widely.

In its more than seventeen year history, Teva’s educators have spawned cutting-edge initiatives of their own in Jewish education. Adamah, Jewish Farm School, Kayam Farm, Eden Village Camp, Yiddish Farm, Pushing the Envelope Farm, Urban Adamah, and Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs' Kavanah Garden are just a few stellar examples.  There can be no doubt that Teva has inspired these professionals who are deeply rooted in its educational philosophy and practices.

As this movement has blossomed, so too has the connection and alliance between these educators and their organizations. The resulting community works together on a common mission to transform Jewish education and connect the Jewish people to its roots in agriculture, nature and Jewish ecological wisdom.

The broader field of Jewish environmental education has also developed and grown dramatically and independently during this same period. Teva works along side many of these important organizations and wishes to recognize and welcome their contribution to our common cause. Please see our Resources and Allies page for more information.