The staff at the Teva Learning Alliance is what creates the unique beauty found only at Teva. The Teva staff includes the Leadership Team, Program Coordinators, and a team of diverse, enthusiastic, talented and knowledgeable educators. We pride ourselves on creating an open, trusting, caring and pluralistic community, in which each member of the staff brings their distinct flavor of Judaism, past experiences and pedagogical approaches to their work.

Our staff is made up of well educated and experienced professionals with advanced degrees in education, environmental studies, and social work, while others have been through Rabbinical school and hold leadership positions within the Jewish community. While maintaining professional careers, many are also musicians, artists, fire eaters, stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, performers, athletes, scientists, scholars and lovers of life.

All Teva staff have been hired because they have demonstrated strong skills in working with children through prior experience. Additionally, all staff are CPR and First Aid certified, and are familiar with our emergency protocol should a situation arise. Staff leading backpacking trips are certified in Wilderness First Aid or as Wilderness First Responders.

To find out about job and volunteer opportunities at Teva and our Alliance, check out the Job Board. You may also download and send us an application here. Contact for more information.

Nili Simhai

Emily Kaplan

Cara Michelle Silverberg
Teva Seminar Coordinator

Yishai Cohen
Day School Programs Coordinator

Sarah Nurit Jacobs
Wilderness Programs Coordinator/Topsy Turvy Teva Bus Intern

Daniel Kieval
Lead Educator

Spencer Garfield
Marketing Intern

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