Cara Michelle Silverberg

Cara Michelle Silverberg - Seminar Coordinator

Cara Michelle Silverberg has been working with Teva since 2005. She has instructed and coordinated our day school and camping programs, and is in her second year as Teva Seminar Coordinator. Cara lives in Western Massachusetts where she works with a Reconstructionist synagogue directing its camp, coordinating teen programs, and designing special ecology and music oriented programs for holidays and family services. Cara attended Grinnell College and holds a self-designed B.A. from Prescott College in Bioregional Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Education. As an educator, musician, dancer, herbalist, animal tracker, and devotee to the human journey of embodying our soul gifts in this world, Cara is passionate about developing programs and facilitating community experiences that allow people to explore and express themselves, their relationships with the earth, and their relationships with each other.

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Cara Michelle Silverberg
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