Emily Kaplan

Emily Kaplan - Registrar

Emily holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Jewish Studies from the CUNY Baccalaureate program for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies at City College.  She first joined Teva as a volunteer program assistant for the 2008 Teva Seminar.  Full-time staff since January 2010, she provides support for all of Teva’s programs, including Day School, Congregational, Seminar and Bus Tour. She enjoys the inspiration and joy that comes from planting seeds in the garden and singing together.  She has worked on organic farms in the US, Mexico, and India before working at Teva, and loves swimming and long bike trips. Emily is the core of Teva's program administration and knows the answer to every programmatic and logistical question.

Contact Emily:

212.807.6376 x 112

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Emily Kaplan

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