Rebekah Steinfeld

Rebekah Steinfeld - Shomrei Adamah Coordinator

Rebekah Steinfeld joined Teva as an educator in 2010 before moving to Program Coordinator in 2011. She is an educator, administrator, theatre artist, and activist passionate about youth empowerment, intercultural dialog, and social change. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she holds a BA in theater and French from Willamette University and an MA in Performance Studies from NYU. Among the many jobs she has held include Program Coordinator for Community Works in New York City and Arts Director for Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine. She has also taught theater, art, environmental science, and leadership development over the past 8 years in places such as France, New York City, Maine, and Jerusalem. She loves trees, traveling, music, praying, eating delicious homegrown food, and making up plays with kids.

Contact Rebekah:

212.807.6376 x 116

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