Noah Slovin and Teva Student

Noah Slovin - Lead Educator

As the picture above clearly shows, Noah Slovin has served as a skilled Teva educator since graduating Cornell University with a BA in Earth Systems Science.  He has worked both fall and spring seasons of Teva's Shomrei Adamah day school program, starred as an educator aboard the Topsy Turvy Teva Bus during last year's "From Purim to Freedom" tour (from New York City to the Florida Keys!), and is currently the Shomrei Adamah lead educator.  Noah realized that the Teva Learning Alliance would play an important role in his life the first time he painted his face with wild-grape juice as a 12-year-old participant at a Teva program.  Since then he has hugged over a thousand trees, stopped to smell more than three hundred roses, and convinced innumerable children that it was a good idea to cover their faces in mud.  Additional skills of note include Israeli-Folk-Dancing, blog-writing, and an uncanny ability to locate and secure free hot-chocolate.

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Noah Slovin
Lead Educator

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